Agriculture in the 21st century



It is no longer news that the face of agriculture has changed from what we know it to be. Just like changes occurring in communication, technology, transportation and other aspects of humanity, the agricultural sector has also developed into a diverse mind-blowing sector today.

Agriculture is no longer known to be limited to a certain cliché or age. Agriculture is now widely spread across all sectors of people, status and age. Agriculture in the 21st century is a huge form of investment for both the young and old. Rapid significant changes to technology have indeed proven a great tool for the new mechanism of agriculture.

Agriculture has gone farther than farming. Farming is not enough to define the face of agriculture. Also, contrary to popular and far overdue belief that agriculture is for the poor people who have no career choice than farming.

Agriculture has changed at face value, it is a lucrative business with product tied to revenue; this revenue is gotten at different phases and tranches, therefore, it is no longer limited to certain people because of their financial status.

Today, Agriculture is broken down into diverse phases, with large investments and means of large monetary income. No longer do people wait for natural resources to make their plant flourish, they put in the work and utilize knowledge to provide every basic amenity that makes production and outcome better.

Technology has also redefined agriculture in recent times, with tech startups releasing applications that will address the most stubborn and basic difficulty attached to the process of farming. Application today will allow yo tou start farming virtually by partnering with a farmer, allow you rent a tractor, order farm products and pay real time. You can achieve even more with technological products released every day.

It is very appropriate to define the 21st-century agriculture as a 180-degree turnaround because today, we have basic amenities, technology, production gears and professionals who know the nitty-gritty of the business.

Agriculture does not entail just the process of farming. Agriculture is business in the 21st century.


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