Tractor Tillers: Transforming Nigeria’s Agriculture

One quagmire that is accustomed with small scale farming in Nigeria is the lack of cheap and effective machines for small scale farmers.

These farmers cannot afford the basic tractor to solve this situation. They resort to renting tractors from large scale farmers to cultivate or prepare their farmlands for a certain price. Those who find this service very expensive resort to manual labour.

This results to constraints in their farm operations, as these small-scale farmers find it difficult to maximize their profits and record a downturn on their production irrespective of the farm land potential.

Farmers have cried for subsidized prices on the tractor to enable them to purchase it, but even when it is granted, they most times form a group and contribute money individually to purchase a unit which they take turns to use. This may lead to dispute among the farmers and takes a long time to pay back the loan.

There is a solution to this problem, the tractor tiller which is cheaper than the tractor. It is a very efficient means of enhancing mechanized agriculture. The tractor tiller is a mechanized device which is used for preparing soil for planting. It breaks off into the soil to create loose topsoil which is ready for planting with the use of the tilling blades. The tractor tiller comes with an adjustable plough which is used for making ridges and to clear weeds while the crops are growing. It also comes with a water pump attachment for irrigation.

The tractor tiller is a cheaper alternative to the tractor, as farmers can afford to get one tiller per farm and forget about the herculean task that comes with manual labor. It makes cultivating and preparing the farm lands very easy and fast. It is also highly adjustable depending on your tilling needs (i.e. to suit the needs for many different types of crops, cereals to tubers, vegetables to cotton, groundnuts etc.

Habgito Tillers till the soil

In recent years, Habgito Nigeria Limited has been supplying tractor tillers to farmers in all parts of Nigeria. We have collaborated with NIRSAL, SWOFON, PROPCOM -MAKARFI to reach out to small scale farmers in the north, supply tillers and train them on how to operate the machine. This way farmers can worry less about cultivating and preparing their farmlands (which is one of the difficult parts of farming), as the tiller can now prepare their lands for them easily.

Food security will be enhanced in Nigeria if the small-scale farmers are provided with tools and incentives to aid them. With the tractor tillers, these farmers have a machine that will be affordable, easy to use and maintain.

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